Thursday, April 09, 2009

More BB & J

This story, it seems, has got some legs. Skinny ones. And slightly wobbly ones too. If you haven't listened to it yet--or even if you have--now you can watch it.

To watch it is interesting on a number of fronts: from the Roy Orbison lookalike triplets, to seeing their reactions change from early snickering about BB's dyspepsia to a more horrified realization, by the end, that this was perhaps not going as well as it might have. They say no publicity is bad publicity. Following the success of the Boxmasters in the next little while might be a good lithmus test by which to judge the truth of that saying.


Brad the Impaler said...

I watched it this morning. I can't tell if he is deliberately being pissy because of the intro, or if he was stoned. Maybe both. He does kind of warm up a little near the end. I don't really see what the big deal is though. The Youtube title is something about a blowup. Not really a blowup so much as being uncooperative and surly.

Which isn't too far out of step for BB normally, is it?

The Dark Lord said...

Yes, but what is interesting is how desperately BB wants to be taken seriously. That, and the way J kept pushing him and getting his own little jabs in when others would have ducked and run is what struck me about this particular exchange.

Brad the Impaler said...


'Would you ask Tom Petty that question?' He could have said 'No, but he's already taken seriously as a musician'. Or 'I know Tom Petty. You sir are no Tom Petty'.

I was waiting for Billy to get up and take a swing. Now that would've been some great TV.

KK said...

BB could put out a master album on par with The Joshua Tree and "uh-huh, I sure do like d'em french fried pa-taters, uh-huh" would still be the first thing I think of when I hear mention of his name. The Boxcars (Boxmen? ...whatever) likely wouldn't be on the radio if he wasn't in the band - get over it.

It was good to see Jian claim home-ice advantage and not cower to BB's miserable disposition.

Gianni said...