Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Thursdays in Altona

Tuesdays are for the Tuesday Night Ride, of course. Wednesdays are for mtb racing at Bur Oak and Fridays are for Grass Track racing. Mondays are for ultimate and recovering from the longer races and rides that weekends are for.

But what about Thursdays?

How about a series of alleycat races in Altona presented by Johnny S? Some were already beginning to suspect that Altona is the current cycling capital of the province. This only serves to confirm that feeling. More dates to come. But it kicks off this Thursday.

Gianni? Johnny? What would we do without these guys?


Gianni said...

Thursday nights are also (this week) the Oly Club (FGBC's grand niece, I heard) meeting and, more generally, Orioles Bike Cage night.

The Bike Cage, by the way, now has its own building - the Orioles CC hockey rink changerooms (nicer than it sounds), just north of the main building on Burnell at St. Matthews. Thursday nights after 7 p.m. is open shop/volunteering night, for the time being.

It's a pretty sweet setup - HSC helped out with some donated furniture, DMSM Community Association and Spence Neighbourhood Association have helped out with grants for tools, and now Mountain Equipment Co-op has approved a grant for some projects. And a great group of volunteers to drive it. Drop by, help out, learn, teach, etc., etc.

But, hey, an alley cat in Altona sounds like it's worth taking the occaissional (future) Thursday off... cool.

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KK said...

I'm into extending the rivalry into Altona though my Thursdays are mostly spoken for until July.