Wednesday, April 01, 2009

tnr minutes

six riders met at the junkshon. the wet, heavy snow fell like a blanket from start to finish of the evening. while preparing for the ride, the whole business seemed like some absurd test of endurance... the winter that never ends... but in the end, it was a sweet ride, again.

impaler, g, craig, cousin adam, kk, secretary. no drive ins later. we admitted we would have welcomed a drop in from colin and the poosher... just for kicks.

from junkshon to Ass park via g's suggestion of Grosvenor. the first rider down was on the little rink at the forks, so we had collectively managed some 8 meters, then, many an unplanned foot down until we were deep in the park, and a rider down marked the far end of the ride. the sticky snow and ruts and ridges were a challenge. so, we headed back to the duck pond where the photo below was taken. i can't remember any other full out crashes, but the ride from the park to the klubhaus on the north side of the river was laden with incidental slips and slides.

conversation really focused (as it should) on the joys of the spring ride... just a few weeks away everybody. think it will be wet?

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