Thursday, April 23, 2009

tnr report

excellent attendance. the impaler, the president, cousin adam, tenacious v, kk, g, the secretary, craig. (note: fully half the crew were from NK) evening started reasonably warmly at the junkshon, but cooled rapidly. we rode out past the west end of the airport. there's a very smooth long road out there. whytewold ave. check it on google maps here. we made it to the end at saskatchewan. a brief pause confirmed that, as a collective, we were fairly hungry. with a bit of a throw down sprint on the way, we arrived back at Portage Ave to discover the golden arches. purchases were made for back at the klubhaus. yes.

minutes from the meeting:
Cousin Adam brought a few items of formal agenda:
1. he tentatively engaged the question of our road participation... he has been invited to represent FGBC at some MCA road discussions. while we responded by making fun of roadies, we eventually dubbed him Vice President: Road. He should go with our blessing.
2. thus empowered, he brought a second item: Short sleeve wool jersey. Essentially, hoping for the same product as the Nordic Cross, but with short sleeves. There would obviously need to be some discussion on how it would be labelled, but it was thought an excellent idea. Debate revolved around the basic black... the practical ones were rightfully concerned about heat, but some of us were much more interested in sucking that up and maintaining our statement and brand awesomeness. Anyway, consider the conversation "on the table" for discussion.

Biggest laughs: Revisiting Vic's encouraging compliments from last week... there has been discussion that the next rides should be in circles around Norwood, in the hopes that there might be a repeat.

New gear: KK on his sweet Specialized TriCross, Craig on his wife's bike with the nice heart on the headtube, and the secretary with a new rear wheel for the fixie.

Most Promise: The Proprietess of the St. James Cafe (the restaraunt at the klubhaus which is usually closed) was around. She seemed a bit put out that we were bringing food in until was pointed out that we weren't aware of other options. She has stated that she will cook for us. The menu is quite extensive. We can call her a half hour before we arrive, and she'll have the food ready for us. Crazy. This is a very slippery slope.

Spring ride is awesome and anyone who's anyone is coming. Since the meeting I've received word from the VP: Accommodations. I'll post his report once I get back to the email at home, but it's looking like Bay 5 at Falcon is ours this year.


Brad the Impaler said...

I ended up with G's water bottle. Somebody handed it to me and we thought it was a good idea that I carried it home. I don't recall why. So, I guess I can bring it next Tuesday.

g said...

super sweet.