Wednesday, April 01, 2009

TNR Photos

Courtesy of Kevin K, of our (little) sister club, RRR.

Nice to see the numbers rebounding a bit. Not so nice to see how cold it still looks. I trust a report is forthcoming as well.


KK said...

Little sister club? I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.

Okay, one retort...if we're little sisters, then you are bigger sisters - and you know what I mean when I call you "sisters", sister.

The Dark Lord said...

Hey little sister who's your superman?

KK said...

Start again.

The Dark Lord said...

Let's start from the beginning:

Hey little sister what have you done?

KK said...

Hey little sister who's the only one?

Wait - your Jedi mind tricks aren't going to work on me...I'm still fuming at the sister comment.

Pick it up.


The Dark Lord said...

Now I've got that stupid song in my head. Should be a good writing day.

g said...

It really is a nice day for a white wedding.

training today...the shovel.

all core and upper body.

I may swing by the shop and check out a pugsly. It is starting to look like the only bike that makes sense around here.

KK said...

Somewhat related to last night's moped discussion, check this out.

mike said...

Are you out there Bowie?