Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thursday Anticipation

1) Spring Ride

T minus 50 days. That means we've been counting down for 315 days now. 50 days feels like nothing. We'll need to start finalizing the roster one of these days. I hope Matt will be there again, in case someone busts someone else's derailleur.

2) You're Always Welcome in Altona

Or so the slogan goes. Tonight, in particular, would be a good time to head south. Is Hwy 75 still closed? Might have to take the back road route.

3) Nordic Cross

Just when it looked like bike racing had been replaced by whining about winter, the momentum is suddenly back. Nordic Cross lingers on for one last event.

There is still some debate about the start time for this one. Stay tuned for further details.

4) Grass Track Fridays

No word from Gianni this week. So no new terms to add to your vocabulary. But they say pictures speak louder than words anyway. So check out these photos of the grass track and some racing in Richmond, North Yorkshire. Full atricle here. Grace track racing is bik in the UK. It might lead one to wonder about holding our races in St. B. Perhaps Old Colin has some wisdom to share on that score.


Brad the Impaler said...

I love the sandbaggers poster. A man I can really relate to.

mhandsco said...

Be there for the Spring Ride? Dude! I'll see your merely being there and raise you:

1. I've got the Friday off this year.
2. I've also got an actual mountain bike with 9 - count 'em! - gears.

The Dark Lord said...

That is good news, Matt. The Spring Ride really needs to be done over three days.

g said...

That is awsome matt. I look forward to seeing you again.

Brad the Impaler said...

Is anyone planning on doing the Falcon race on the Sunday?

The Dark Lord said...

Not committed one way or another. Waiting to see what the collective will looks like on that score.

I think it's a KOM race, so that might be a factor for some as well.