Tuesday, April 07, 2009

March Sadness

So David wins the tiebreaker for 3rd place. Good thing Ramon won it outright ahead of Cheryl. The tiebreaker between them wouldn't have settled anything. More here.

Thanks for playing, everyone. It was fun.

Ironically, I am house sitting in Chapel Hill right now.


El Presidente said...

A fairly drama-less game but at least Jonny S. and I were able to cheer against each other for third place last night.

"Take your time! Use the clock!" - Jonny S.

"Shoot! Shoot! Run it up!" - me

And since you're in Chapel Hill already you could probably bring the kids on down to the Dean Dome for the welcome home celebrations!

The Dark Lord said...

We'll pass on the Dean Dome. We're taking the kids to the gothic wonderland for a trip up the chapel tower. And then out for lunch with some guy named Stanley.