Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good TImes

Jonny G gives his new wheels one thumb up:

It would have been two thumbs up, but that would have involved taking both hands off the bars.

A note to our rivals otherwise known as the RRR: check out the two words on the top tube. Conquest. And Pro. You guys are so dead.


KK said...

Hmmmm...The Imapler and I were at Bur Oak today, ready for a throwdown. FGBC representatives were nowhere to be found.

Too busy honing your one-handed riding skills?

Congrats on the new ride, G.

Luc said...

Nothing fell off?!

Coach Dave said...

I was there. 3-hours, 8-laps, fixed gear, no brakes Conquest Pro, slicks and lots of fun in the mud.

Tom K said...

Sweet ride you got there G ... enjoy!

I got the 07 version from Olympia and it's still my fav ride!