Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Edvald Boasson Hagen, i.e., Boss Hogg, Jr.

Mark Cavendish didn't win Gent-Wevelgem today, despite the fact that everyone thought he would. His teammate Edvald Boassen Hagen won instead. Who is Edvald Boassen Hoagen? He's the 21 year old Columbia rider that some pundits have been talking up as the next big classics stud. His win today suggests those pundits might be on to something.

He is also the illegitimate son of Boss Hogg, of the sweetest television show in the world, or at least the seventies. It seems there was a dalliance with a Norwegian super model. To keep the folks in Hazzard County in the dark, young Edvald's surname was disguised. It was basically Norskified to reflect his mother's nationality. But the resemblence demonstrated in these photos makes the connection clear. He's a younger, skinnier, and more hirsute version of the old man. He is also, no doubt, quite a bit faster on the bike.

To see him in the old man's hat is to really see the genetic resemblance.

Come to think of it, seeing the old man in those fake abs clinches it as well.

As for the bike race, the weather was crappy and made it possible for a big break to form. Boonen, Cancellara, and Haussler were all in it. But Boonen and Cancellara both punctured and dropped back into the chase group, while Haussler crashed. Kuschynski launched an attack from the breakaway group, which Boassen Hagen joined. Young Boss Hogg easily won the sprint. Beyond that, CN can tell you how it unfolded.

In the FGBC Spring Classics Pool, Rachel won her second consecutive race. In doing so, she has bumped Andy off the final podium step. With most of the big stars missing the breakaway, the numbers weren't so much on the huge side today. Rachel could only muster 255 points. Luke was second with 230 points, while Bill and I tied for third with 180 apiece. Mike managed a paltry 5 points and Adam picked up 15. So the gap narrows, but not by terribly much.

Back at it on Suday with another biggie: Paris-Roubaix. It is going to be awesome.

The top 30:

Baosson Hagen 350
Kuschynski 300
Goss 275
Hayman 250
Klier 225
Fernandez 200
Burghardt 175
Leezer 150
Quinziato 125
Hunt 110
Sutton 100
Lemoine 95
Hutarovich 90
McEwen 85
Breschel 80
Hincapie 75
Fischer 70
Bazayev 65
Rollin 60
Lodewyk 55
Tankink 50
Perez 45
Wiggins 40
Knaven 35
Napolitano 30
Elijzen 25
Lancaster 20
Lloyd 15
Rasch 10
Van Hummel 5

Today's Results:

Rachel 255
Luke 230
Chris H 180
Bill 180
Kevin 165
Jonny G 165
Chris O 130
Matt 95
Vic 90
Jonny M 90
Hal 90
Ian 80
Rick 80
Dallas 75
Naomi 55
Craig 15
Adam 15
Brad 10
David 10
Chris A 5
Darryl 5
Mike 5
Donna 5
Paddy 0
Andy 0

Overall Standings:

Mike 5465
Adam 4820
Rachel 4690
Andy 4455
Bill 4420
Chris O 4090
Rick 3980
Matt 3910
Ian 3800
Brad 3690
Paddy 3650
David 3620
Hal 3370
Donna 3340
Kevin 3080
Dallas 2970
Vic 2760
Chris A 2725
Jonny M 2655
Chris H 2570
Darryl 2395
Jonny G 2275
Luke 2000
Craig 1120
Naomi 500


Campy Only said...

Whoohooo 5 points today... I retire :)

the secretary said...

ok, you have too much time on you hands.

The Dark Lord said...

Time is your friend. Isn't that what sabbaticals are all about?