Friday, April 17, 2009

ThNR Report

Altona correspondent, David S, reports:
Thursday saw the second Thursday Night ride of the Altona biking year. Solid numbers totalling seven including Jonny S., Dan K, Mark L, Giles R, Tom D, Lorne H and myself. After some town riding, sprints, knockdown, slow race, perusing of bikes dumped at the MCC, riding of twin-bike at the MCC, and general merriment we adjourned to the local tavern for refreshments. Nice night.
Right on. I will be in Altona next Thursday. We will ride.


Anonymous said...

Its going to be super sweet to see you at the Thursday night ride. We can finally bike, drink beer and bull-shit in person. Finally.

El Presidente said...


Maybe we'll have to plan a special welcome home ride for next week...

The Dark Lord said...

I'm looking forward to it. Altona was already awesome. But now with weekly rides and regular races, there's no good reason not to pack up and move there right now. Or at least visit regularly.

verification word: stsmshes

the secretary said...

jonny, you guys are doin' it up right... I'm just a little wierded out by the lack of helmets... don't ya'll have cement and at least a few cars, and more than the national average of drivers over 80?