Sunday, January 29, 2006


A huge success by any measure!

Lots of pictures to be seen. Start here:
shots Krista took at the finish line and a bit more.

Then, check out the bigtime FGBC representation in this guy's collection of pics. Beauty.
Pics from the BigDadoo. You have to be patient and wade through... it's worth it. My fav (besides multiple shots of the president's wound), is a close-up of dr. h with our logo gleaming brightly.

Full race results are available on the Icebike 2006 website!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Altona Bike Festival

More from David "give me some posting privileges" Sawatzky on the Altona Race:

Just a short update from the Altona race-planning commitee...

The race course has tentatively been determined for March 4th. Exact course distance has yet to be determined but we can tease you with the following course features: a unique start (void of push-ups, burpees, jumping jacks, etc.), bridge crossings, full-on hill assault, hairpin corners, and wide lanes (at least wider than lanes previously described to me).

Prizes are yet to be determined but there will be prizes! (probably)

For now we're hoping for a 4 PM meeting time followed by a quick course run-through. Then the race. Then the Southern Manitoba-style cage-match knockdown event.

The grand aggregate point system will determine the eventual event champion. This means that even if you kick ass in the race an equal domination of the knockdown by someone else could win the title. More on that later.

The days festivities will be capped by some grub here at Casa Hiebzky and the Duke-Carolina basketball game at 8PM. Festivities will conclude sometime the next morning. All are welcome and arrangements for overnight stays can easily be arranged!

We hope theres some interest out there from our Northern brethren (other then just Hubie) so let us know who's interested.


For the record, I plan to be there. We have had races with as few as 5 riders and knockdowns with a mere 4. The race shall go on.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Icebike conditions

Just back from a spin at the Forks, trying to figure out where the course is going to run for Sunday. If what we found is even close to being correct, it promises to be a fun course. Many of the same parts as usual, but all on land--unless we missed some river bits here and there. My guess is that it should be a rather fast course. The snow is packed down hard on the paths, and the trail is cleared to the grass, which means little loose snow to push through. The president's comment notwithstanding, fast = good. The same amount of energy spent will get you closer to your desired goal. Juan Eppstein could probably supply a formula that would corroborate this. In any case, all of this may turn out to be moot if the snow that is forecast for tomorrow turns out to be significant. We'll see. Either way, it will be a good time, as usual.

I still hope to get out again tomorrow afternoon, if only for a little while. Not sure when. Call if you're interested.

Johnny and I also scouted out a new potential race course for the FGBC series. This will have to be a late one, since we will want to make sure there are no pedestrians to compete with. Details forthcoming, but for now they must remain top secret. One thing we can safely promise though: no pushups. Burpees or jumpingjacks, maybe. But no pushups. And definitely no flexed arm hang. Bike racing isn't supposed to require any upper body strength. Ever see those guys? The cartoon characters in Triplets of Belleville were only slightly exaggerated. But with all the other race talk going around these days--Bergen's cutoff, Altona--it might be hard to find a time that works. Will see.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Friday Night Ride

Head's up: Johnny G and myself are planning a light ride tomorrow night (Friday)--probably around 9pm or so. Will check out portions of the Icebike course and maybe more in and around the Forks and Whittier. The more the merrier.

I'm also hoping to head out for a short ride sometime during the day Saturday. Call if you're interested in joining me.

The good news is that it will be warm Sunday. The latest forecast is calling for a high of 0. The bad news is that it will be warm on Sunday. That kind of weather will make for a bit of a slower course than would be desirable.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Old Lady and the Mercedes

Perhaps not explicitly bike-related, except in so far as we can all appreciate an asshold driver getting what he has coming. This video came up in discussion at the meeting last night. May or may not be genuine, but is still worth a watch. Click here to watch.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sponcership woes

Several items to report on from the office of the figurehead.

I have made an effort into making some contacts in the hopes of generating a little sponsorship for "the team". The specific goal is/was new jerseys. After several conversations with Orest. I made a trip down to the brewery. I must say that it was rather dissappointing to say the least. I was informed previously that there was essentially no money, but made the trip anyway because I was promised some 'products' as well as maybe a brief discussion about future endeavours . He fell a fair bit short of his orginal 'products' offer. Orest was not even there in the end! He left me a case of dark and 4 touques, twin rivers at that!! I did spend a short while with Dieter, the accountant, who reiterated that funds were slim but directed me to Wayne. Wayne, he said, has the ability to make these sorts of thing happen.

On a somewhat similar note Craig Vidal, cousin in law, is the manager at BRANIGAN'S at the forks. He is very interested in making some sort of relationship with us there. He has strings to pull with FGBC(he and wayne are tight) and would pull some on our behalf if a positve relationship could be established. My concern is I am not sure that this is a direction our team wants/needs to go in. Branigans?? Wings and beers could be OK ??

The last item of note, I spoke with Chantelle today as well. She is the manager of the Fox and Hounds. She was pleasantly intrigued with us. She mentioned that the laws changed 3 years ago with respect to sponsoring teams, uniforms, drinks etc. They had not sponsored any teams since then BUT she has an interest in us and will give us an answer next week with regards to helping us. She needs to check on it with the legals and of course $$ concerns. She was indeed positive. She gave me a logo for artwork purposes! This logo would fit nicely on a sleeve indeed.

I think that we should race at the BERGEN'S Cut off and return to BARG's house, to consume the free case, raffle off the bad touques and whatever 50/50 contributions are gained and reprise the boil up at which point we can discern if new jerseys is what the FGBC is about. :) The race should be in february before the altona open

president penner
figurehead president FGBC
acclaimed by default.

Friday, January 20, 2006

More on the Altona proposal

Writing again on behalf of the Altona chapter, it now seems that March 4th has become the number one date of choice. The reason? This would facilitate a post-race viewing of the Duke - Carolina game at Swatty's place. Pencil it in and we can talk more on Tuesday.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Proposal from Altona!

Jonny S. and I (David S) were mulling over a possible date for a similar event here in the big A. Saturday Feb. 18th?

The line-up here would feature an afternoon race time followed by a Southern Manitoba-style knockdown tourney (to quote the Duker, "You haven't really done it 'til you've done it in a cage!" I hope he was talking about knockdown.) To cap off the day we'd have a little supper (Unger? Rink dogs?) and fun and fellowship well into the evening.

Hopefully a late afternoon start/early evening finish will encourage those who plan on heading back to Winnipeg (although all are welcome to stay, we can always find floor space/beds).

So, Winnipeg FGBC'ers, can we make it happen? The initial invitation comes in the comments down on the race report... Dr. H has replied negatory do to a prior commitment... Any other thoughts?

Spring ride date changed already

The most significant news from Tuesday is that the ambitious effort to peg down a date for the spring ride has already fallen apart.

New date (for now): The weekend of June 11.

FGBC sponsored knock-down derby

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Next event is Icebike: Jan. 29 at the Forks. For more information, click here. Last year 4 FGBC members were able to participate: Hal, Unger, Juan Eppstein, and myself. Hopefully we can improve on those numbers this year. With all the racing we've been doing, we should collectively do alright. It's a low-key race with a big group of people (150-200) and is always lots of fun.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Full Results and Series Points

Here are the full race results for Sunday's race:

Hal (ss)
Johnny G (ss)
Loren (ss)
Jon F
Aiden (ss?)
Penner (no pushups!)
Unger (chain problems)
Vic (-1 lap)
Elizabeth (-3 laps)
Stuart W (-3 laps)
Johnny S - DNS?
Jess - DNS

And, if we were to total the results from race to race according to the standard point scoring system, this is how things would add up. Bear in mind that you must finish a race to qualify for points.

Chris - 27
Hal - 20
Johnny G - 17
Darryl - 12
Mark W - 9
Nathan G - 9
Unger - 8
LeAnn - 8
James - 7
Loren - 7
Jeff - 6
Juan - 5
Jon F - 3
Aiden - 2

Brief Race Update

Good work, boys and girls. An overwhelming turnout last night: 17 riders started in each event--though not the same 17. Less a race than bike carnival, albeit lacking mattresses and rotten vegetables. Here are the bare bones details: Johnny S. retained his title in the knockdown event, as the one rider to win more than once. As for the race, here's the top-five (if memory serves).

Johnny G

Full race results, report, and pictures to follow.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

That's a lot of bikes

Courtesy of the New York Times:

PEDAL POWER "Retailers predict that they sold close to 20 million bicycles in 2005, a number not seen since the oil embargo of the 1970's," Bicycling reports.

While the media coverage Lance Armstrong received for winning his seventh consecutive Tour de France certainly deserves some of the credit, it seems clear that a good number of them were bought for commuting, something that the magazine could not be happier about.

"By using a bike instead of a car just one day a week, the average American (who drives 29 miles daily) would save $609 in gasoline, maintenance and depreciation costs per year, reduce auto emissions by 24 pounds per week, and on that ride, even at a comfortable 12-m.p.h. pace, burn an extra 1,315 calories."

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

better late than never

bike race - january - 2006

here it is folks, the schedule for the january bike race:

1) bike derby; 7:00 pm at vimy ridge park
2) race; 8:00 pm at omand's creek
3) hot dog boil-up; 8:30ish at dr hubie's - bring your own buns, dogs, lawnchairs, beverages, etc.

prizes or prize to be awarded at the boil-up

i know this was not discussed at the meeting last night, but i suggest an entry fee of $5. we will then put everyone's name in a hat and draw for the cash (minus any costs incured from prizes). if you like this idea, say so - if you don't, say so.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

minutes jan 3, 2006

good attendence. two very significant points were covered:
  • derby and boil-up - Jan. 15. The derby will take place in the Wolseley area, with dogs boiled over a fire to follow. time tba, but an early evening start has been suggested.
  • Hal has written a date for the spring ride into his palm. The weekend of June 4. This is breaking very new ground as far as even proposing a date... check your books.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Last Ride of 2005

Good turnout for the New Year's Eve Ride. The ride itself quickly degenerated into a lengthy knockdown derby, cage match style--on ice. Not sure of the final tally, but the boys from Altona pretty easily dispensed with the out of town guests from the City. Defensive riding was the key under the circumstances, and Johnny's townie and David S's general penchant for conflict avoidence suited the conditions to perfection. Home ice advantage didn't hurt either. There are hints that enthusiasm in Altona is trending upwards. There is even talk of them hosting a race. The potential combination of a toboggan run finishing on an ice rink seems particularly promising. Stay tuned.