Friday, January 20, 2006

More on the Altona proposal

Writing again on behalf of the Altona chapter, it now seems that March 4th has become the number one date of choice. The reason? This would facilitate a post-race viewing of the Duke - Carolina game at Swatty's place. Pencil it in and we can talk more on Tuesday.


El Presidente said...

Danke schon Herr Huebner!

Chat it up and let us here in the Sunflower Capital of Canada know how its received.

By the way, saw your Papa's book on the bestseller list last weekend...very impressive. Do I say an Oprah Book Club-esque rise to fame and fortune?

The Dark Lord said...

Yeah, Harry did a reading at McNally Robinson last Monday and sold a bunch. In other words, I doubt we'll see him on the bestseller again list this week. But maybe if you contact your buddy Morley and write a review for the Free Press.