Monday, January 16, 2006

Full Results and Series Points

Here are the full race results for Sunday's race:

Hal (ss)
Johnny G (ss)
Loren (ss)
Jon F
Aiden (ss?)
Penner (no pushups!)
Unger (chain problems)
Vic (-1 lap)
Elizabeth (-3 laps)
Stuart W (-3 laps)
Johnny S - DNS?
Jess - DNS

And, if we were to total the results from race to race according to the standard point scoring system, this is how things would add up. Bear in mind that you must finish a race to qualify for points.

Chris - 27
Hal - 20
Johnny G - 17
Darryl - 12
Mark W - 9
Nathan G - 9
Unger - 8
LeAnn - 8
James - 7
Loren - 7
Jeff - 6
Juan - 5
Jon F - 3
Aiden - 2


the secretary said...

Chris, you must not have washed your hand to have all the data available... or you care so much, that it's all committed to memory. This is the second time I'm sitting down to do the report, and I'm beaten to the finish line. I love it.

The Dark Lord said...

Let's leave personal hygeine out of this. In any case, hands having been washed, I found a sheet last night on which I had translated the results from hand to paper. Figured I'd get it up for the masses, and free up the secretary and President get on to the more important matter of posting the pictures of the evening's events.