Saturday, January 28, 2006

Altona Bike Festival

More from David "give me some posting privileges" Sawatzky on the Altona Race:

Just a short update from the Altona race-planning commitee...

The race course has tentatively been determined for March 4th. Exact course distance has yet to be determined but we can tease you with the following course features: a unique start (void of push-ups, burpees, jumping jacks, etc.), bridge crossings, full-on hill assault, hairpin corners, and wide lanes (at least wider than lanes previously described to me).

Prizes are yet to be determined but there will be prizes! (probably)

For now we're hoping for a 4 PM meeting time followed by a quick course run-through. Then the race. Then the Southern Manitoba-style cage-match knockdown event.

The grand aggregate point system will determine the eventual event champion. This means that even if you kick ass in the race an equal domination of the knockdown by someone else could win the title. More on that later.

The days festivities will be capped by some grub here at Casa Hiebzky and the Duke-Carolina basketball game at 8PM. Festivities will conclude sometime the next morning. All are welcome and arrangements for overnight stays can easily be arranged!

We hope theres some interest out there from our Northern brethren (other then just Hubie) so let us know who's interested.


For the record, I plan to be there. We have had races with as few as 5 riders and knockdowns with a mere 4. The race shall go on.

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