Thursday, January 19, 2006

FGBC sponsored knock-down derby


El Presidente said...

"...and a good time was had by all."

Looks like a successful event! Reports coming back from the "big city" are:

1. Solid race event (hills too challenging for easy-riders w/ baskets)

2. Fair-middling knockdown tourney (event participant stated, "...they never had a chance."

3. Weiners!!! Need I say more?

Which leads me to a tentative proposal. Jonny S. and I were mulling over a possible date for a similar event here in the big A. Saturday Feb. 18th? The line-up here would feature an afternoon race time followed by a Southern Manitoba-style knockdown tourney (to quote the Duker, "You haven't really done it 'til you've done it in a cage!" I hope he was talking about knockdown.) To cap off the day we'd have a little supper (Unger? Rink dogs?) and fun and fellowship well into the evening. Hopefully a late afternoon start/early evening finish will encourage those who plan on heading back to Winnipeg (although all are welcome to stay, we can always find floor space/beds).

We're throwing out the idea now in hopes that a positive response will get us off our asses.

Comments? Questions?

the secretary said...

I'd say I'm not too worried about your or Jonny's ass... but the Duke...

The Dark Lord said...

Would love to take this circus on the road, but unfortunately I'm doing my own roadshow of sorts in Ottawa that weekend. Any flexibility on the dates?

As for cages, the Duker cannot have been talking about the knockdown, since he was safely ensconced on Johnny's couch when the rest of us were duking it out in the cage.

El Presidente said...

Hmmmm.....alternate dates. Guess we could try that.

The only problem is that Feb. 11 is taken (scheduled ASS meeting) and the 24-26 slot is the annual Altona Men's Curling Bonspiel (Team Sweet Action challenges ALL would-be curlers to attend!)

Maybe March 4th? Don't want to go too far into March considering the warmer temps we've been having.

Toss it out at your next weekly meeting and see who bites.

If needed, I'll trash-talk anyone if it helps to shame them into attendance. Or I'll just trash-talk them for fun.

El Presidente said...

P.S. Could you throw this idea up as an actual topic here on the Blog? Seeing as I'm not an official contributor I lack the necessary clearance. Not sure if some of your regulars actually read the comments!