Thursday, January 19, 2006

Proposal from Altona!

Jonny S. and I (David S) were mulling over a possible date for a similar event here in the big A. Saturday Feb. 18th?

The line-up here would feature an afternoon race time followed by a Southern Manitoba-style knockdown tourney (to quote the Duker, "You haven't really done it 'til you've done it in a cage!" I hope he was talking about knockdown.) To cap off the day we'd have a little supper (Unger? Rink dogs?) and fun and fellowship well into the evening.

Hopefully a late afternoon start/early evening finish will encourage those who plan on heading back to Winnipeg (although all are welcome to stay, we can always find floor space/beds).

So, Winnipeg FGBC'ers, can we make it happen? The initial invitation comes in the comments down on the race report... Dr. H has replied negatory do to a prior commitment... Any other thoughts?


El Presidente said...

Thanks for the posting Darryl!

Alternate date we'd consider is March 4th.

The Dark Lord said...

March 4th works. In fact, it would be perfect. Knockdown cage match, race, and then watch the Duke vs. UNC game in the evening. Doesn't get much better than that.

El Presidente said...

Bingo Hubie!

March 4th is perfect. We've got the game on satellite at our place.

Toss it out to all interested and we'll gauge the feedback!