Monday, January 02, 2006

Last Ride of 2005

Good turnout for the New Year's Eve Ride. The ride itself quickly degenerated into a lengthy knockdown derby, cage match style--on ice. Not sure of the final tally, but the boys from Altona pretty easily dispensed with the out of town guests from the City. Defensive riding was the key under the circumstances, and Johnny's townie and David S's general penchant for conflict avoidence suited the conditions to perfection. Home ice advantage didn't hurt either. There are hints that enthusiasm in Altona is trending upwards. There is even talk of them hosting a race. The potential combination of a toboggan run finishing on an ice rink seems particularly promising. Stay tuned.

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El Presidente said...

Firstly Dr. H, I'd hardly describe my vicious, antagonistic "hell-on-two-wheels" style of riding as "conflict avoidance"! Just because you urbanites couldn't stay on your rides is no justification for belittling my dominant victories.

As for the possibility of the Big A hosting a race...quite likely. We'll keep the negotiations open...