Monday, April 06, 2009

Devo Does it Again

How did he do it? By employing the powers of the Devo Energy Dome, of course.

Haussler was the best of the rest, with a late attack the nobody could match. Gilbert was third. Hushovd broke his wrist a crash on the run into the finish. Bummer. More from CN.

Final 2 km here:

Over in the FGBC Spring Classics Pool, Rachel laid an ass-whuppin' on the rest of the field that made Mike's win at Milan-San Remo look like a gentle nudge. He grabbed 1285 points in the first monument of the season. But Rachel took home a whopping 1975 points yesterday! She doesn't have Devo on her team. Mike does. Nor does she have Haussler. Nobody does. But she does have the day's 3rd through 7th place finishers on her team: Gilbert, Maaskant, Pozzato, Breschel, and Burghardt. In fact, she picked up points from all of her riders with the exception of her Ardennes guy, Gesink. Not bad. Her line on the day looks like this:

Philippe Gilbert 450
Filippo Pozzato 375
Marcus Burghardt 325
Martin Maaskant 400
Greg Van Avermaet 10
Matti Breschel 350
Anthony Geslin 10
Sergei Ivanov 80
Robert Gesink 0

Rachel's big day overshadows some other impressive performances. Cousin Adam and Chris O both managed to best Mike's San Remo totals as well. Adam had 1445 on the day and Chris had 1340. Well done, boys. Mike still has a 600+ point lead in the overall race. But Adam is starting to look like he might be able to give Mike a challenge. Hushovd's broken wrist--just before Paris-Roubaix, which he was targeting--might just be the window of opportunity he has been waiting for. If the Wheels of Justice can't pull off another heroic feat, King Andy might be able to give it a go. He's still in third place, 350 points back of Adam. Rachel is clawing her way toward the final podium step as well. She now sits just 20 points behind Andy.

Devolder 500
Haussler 450
Gilbert 425
Maaskant 400
Pozzato 375
Breschel 350
Burghardt 325
Leukemans 300
Elmiger 280
De Waele 260
Pichot 240
Hoogerland 220
Hammond 200
Kroon 180
Nuyens 160
Sentjens 150
Van Impe 140
Willems 130
B. Schierlinckx 120
Boonen 110
Lowik 100
Schierlinckx 90
Ivanov 80
Klier 70
Van Hecke 60
Bazayev 50
Hoste 40
Longo Borghini 30
Guesdon 20
Flecha 10

Stage Results

Rachel 1975
Adam 1445
Chris O 1340
Bill 1250
Dallas 1115
Andy 1115
Mike 1065
Brad 1045
Ian 840
Rick 805
Chris H 645
Matt 555
Darryl 545
Hal 545
Paddy 470
Luke 465
Jonny G 435
David 395
Vic 270
Chris A 270
Donna 120
Naomi 80
Kevin 70
Craig 30
Jonny M 20

Overall Standings

Mike 5460
Adam 4805
Andy 4455
Rachel 4435
Bill 4240
Chris O 3960
Rick 3900
Matt 3815
Ian 3720
Brad 3680
Paddy 3650
David 3610
Donna 3335
Hal 3280
Kevin 2915
Dallas 2895
Chris A 2720
Vic 2670
Jonny M 2565
Chris H 2390
Darryl 2390
Jonny G 2110
Luke 1770
Craig 1105
Naomi 445

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Adam said...

No one is more surprised than me. I attribute much of my recent performance to the fact that I actually recognized many (but not all) of the riders' names this time around.

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