Sunday, December 18, 2005

Race Results

Another fine race took place this evening. A bit more cyclocross style this time around. This perhaps explains why Hal schooled us all. Another record turnout, with a total of 9 racers showing up. And a better showing from the FGBC, with 7 folks present. The course consisted of 4 laps of climbing and descending at Omand's Creek. The loosening of snow on the toboggan runs led to a series of endos and other forms of spontaneous dismount. There has been some discussion concerning the need to clarify starting procedures, but all in all it seems like another successful FGBC event.


Hal (ss)
Johnny G (ss)
Chris (fixed)
Vic (-.5 laps)
Elizabeth (-1 lap)
Penner (-2.5 laps)

The President's excuse for this poor showing is that the potential for footage was too good to pass up. So he played the role of videographer and photographer. Videos and pictures to be posted not later than 2007.

The next event was originally scheduled for Jan 1 at the school across from Hal's place. But in light of some potential scheduling conflict, there is a possibility that this may be rescheduled. The particulars will firmed up at the clubhouse Tuesday evening. In addition, the president promises to be present to request the official Christmas accounting of the numbers contained in The Book.


halloewen said...

Thanks to the race convener for organizing a great event. I need to learn how to count; 5 laps completed when only 4 were called for - we'll call it training and not stupidity (my lungs and legs however, insist on calling me stupid).

lebnani said...

I didn't shift once, so can I join the Godlike company who have (ss) behind their names?

But that's not really why I wrote. I just watched my Oilers win their 5th straight. Two goals were scored in such a way as we were talking about at our meeting on Tuesday night (that is, with a give and go after the original pass). On both these goals, the player who passed to the "give-and-goers" was awarded an assist. Hmmmm . . . but how could I be right? I never coached any hockey . . . I didn't even play as a kid . . .how can I know such useless information . . . Someone have a Richards for me at the next meeting. Maybe you'll get a free glass! Cheers.