Sunday, February 25, 2007

double-header baby

Jonny B says they're showing both of them. That clinches it as far as I'm concerned. Hal and I are going and we're riding our bikes. Depart from the 24HofA HQ at 6:45 pm, or thereabouts. Not sure if this qualifies as a "cultural happening," but I suspect it would it pass muster as an FGBC event. Don't forget to bring your mustache.

OTT: The Clash, (White Man) in Hammersmith Palais


Anonymous said...

Damn! take a vid cam and pirate it for us workin stiffs....have a fun ride!

g said...

I wish I could go but I am daddin' it up on my own tonight. I agree with the pirate idear.

have fun

that dave said...

um. i think in. i have 'on my bike' errands to run so i may swing by hq or i may just meet you cat's there.

do you have tickets? i'll need to get mine at the door

The Dark Lord said...

we're buying tickets at the door. either way, we'll see you tonight.