Monday, February 05, 2007


Or is it the FGBC Scheissbike salute? Our honorary captain would be proud.

The first lap of 'stache-cross is nearly done. The contenders will be making themselves known tomorrow night at the F&H. Remember, this is an endurance race. You don't want to go out too hard and risk blowing up. This one's all about pacing. I will try to remember to bring a camera for official documentation.

Still no word from President Penner. Is another intervention in order?

OTT: Tom Waits, Tom Traubert's Blues


team jonny said...

...excellent, what time should i show up this time?

The Dark Lord said...

definitely not before 10:30.

penner said...

no intervention needed.

bailed on sunday. bad form I know
went into work.....

bad day at work

lead on resus team.....dead firefighter.


g said...