Wednesday, February 14, 2007

lap 2 is in the books

'stache-cross update as of Tuesday, 11:45 pm:

Wednesday, 2:33 am: Paddy has cracked. At 9:20 am comes word that Tom got tangled up on the barrier known as Valentine's Day. 2 more DNFs. Talk is cheap. The President needs to consult the rules regarding chin whiskers. Not allowed. We'll let him stay in the race for now, but he has received a warning. How are things looking in Altona?

Last shift of the hockey game last night I somehow wrecked my back. With 24 Hours of Ass. a mere 72 hours away, this is more than a little bit disconcerting.

OTT: Tuscadero, Paper Dolls


halloewen said...

man - it only looks like i forgot to wash around the upper lip

penner said...

the commish for stashe cross seems to be a little pushy. But if he is the commish then I must abide.....
Sort of like a bike check at a time trial.

I liken my facial hair to a brake that is only for show

I am thankful that my nostrils are a little more in check this round

that dave said...

never have i been more glad that i missed the race.