Sunday, February 11, 2007

party pics and minutes

the following pictures and minutes are in addition to what the good doctor said...

first, i had no idea this was to be a surprise ride and gathering, because, well, jon (i have to hurl) g let that cat out of the bag two day earlier. i do, however, acknowledge my inability to correctly relay the start time of the ride and thank mr. dr. for making the much needed correction.

the ride started with mr. dr., the secretary, and myself picking up cyclingdave at his place with the idea that we would

proceeded with the ride from his place...or so we thought. members of the group had difficulty that night remembering to bring essential elements needed for the ride, including a flask (it was cold that night) and gifts for birthday boy - so additional trips to hq and then back to dave's were required before the ride could officially begin. it was qucikly decided that we should test portions of the 24hr route and then proceed to olympia to see if paddy and tom would be joining us that evening. the ride started smoothly until we hit the trails at assiniboine park which are a part of the race next weekend. as it was dark, those with lights certainly had an easier time navigating the narrow trails, and those who had not attended the winnipeg chapter of the altona scotch society had an even easier time. several ass over tea kettle dismounts by one member of the group had us split into two with the more challenged member deciding to take the road to olympia and the rest of us continuing along the trail. several minutes later the group was reunited inside the olympia store. tom was not working that night, but paddy was interested in joining us for the ride that evening. before paddy could join us he had to check the home front and the possibility that he would have to honour some previously promised "parenting" duties that evening. with paddy leading the way we rode to his place (paddy ran of course) and this was...well adventurous to say the least. the good doctor misjudged one corner and ran into a church (as dave said) and the sectretary decided that a wheelie attempt in an icy rut filled backlane was a good idea which it was not (these are the reasons why i so enjoy these rides). finally arriving at paddy's we quickly found out that he had to play chauffeur that night so he was out. at this point the rest of us feeling like we had accomplished the mission of honouring the dr. with a ride decided to head back to his place to continue the evening.

the fun continued with a small gathering of friends with the discussion of music and ipods being the main theme of the evening.

plenty of good food was avialable and this plate of brownies was soon halved

finally it was time to leave. now, i know this picture is kind of blurry but it might be actually be fairly representative of the fog some of us were in when the last of us left the party (we had purchased some bottles of half-pints for the party, which just came out with their new line of beers; the father, the son and the holy ghost. that night we sampled the father and the son. the father is brewed in a belgian dubbel style at 7.4% alcohol which would explain the foggy state i awoke in the following morning).


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