Sunday, February 11, 2007

recon ride

Another recon ride is going down Monday morning, 9ish. The plan is to ride through the entire course, now that all the various portions have been determined. Late notice, I know. But if anyone wants to join, let me know and we can try and work something out.

Good news and bad news on the weather. The good news is that it's not supposed to snow before the weekend. The riding conditions are perfect right now. The bad news is that it's not entirely clear that it's going to get any warmer. Then again the -20 days this weekend felt like spring after the string of sub -30 temps we've been having. Note, however, that the race will not be cancelled no matter what the likelihood of cold related mishaps.

Some indication of who plans to participate would be appreciated. Teams will be determined--by a random draw--just prior to race start. 2 person teams. But it's not a relay--i.e., teammates can be out on the course at the same time. Together, separate. It don't matter. Team score is the total number of laps accumulated by both riders over the course of 24 hours plus 1 lap. In effect, this means that everyone is entered in the solo division and as part of a two-person team at the very same time. Happy now, Paddy?

Plan on an 11am arrival at the HQ. Lap 1--a controlled start--begins at high noon.

The rest of the details will get sorted out at Tuesday's meeting. If you have any good ideas or strong opinions (not the same thing), be there to share them.

Guess who went for a ski this afternoon?

OTT: Copark, A Good Year for the Robots


PaddyH said...

happy? somewhat....

more importantly, how are the misery sticks????

shOna said...

where do we meet?

The Dark Lord said...

meet at the race HQ. your colleagues at the shop will tell you where that is.

as for the misery sticks: took me 5 minutes to figure out how to 'em on. After that, I don't think I was able to go fast enough to inflict all that much misery. just trying to stay upright was tough enough.

g said...

sounds like misery to me.

shOna said...