Saturday, February 10, 2007

Friday night carnage

Sweet little ride last night. Just Alberto, Dave L, the secretary and myself. No Jonny G, however. He was in bed contemplating the F-O route explanation supplied by the President a while back. Second time this year too.

Previewed portions of the 24 Hours of Ass. course. It is all coming together rather nicely. I plan to ride the entire course sometime in the next few days. Next week at this time lap 1 should be just about complete.

Unfortunately, the Secretary had a rather difficult time staying on his bike--or rather Jonny G's bike that he borrowed on account of the Univega's frozen freewheel issues. Even the wheelie prowess we have come to expect from captain catwalk was AWOL, resulting in a shattered fender and a near concussion in Paddy's back lane.

Post-ride gathering at the 24 Hours of Ass HQ, together with an additional cast of questionable characters. Good times.

People are asking what's up with the honorary captain these days. It seems this ongoing saga keeps getting wierder and wierder.

Though officially dq'd from 'stache-cross, there's some evidence to suggest that he's a supporter of the cause.

Also, Jonny B has DNF'd. But at least he gave it a go. A DNF is better than a DNS.

OTT: Townes, Be Here to Love Me

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