Sunday, February 04, 2007

Scheissbike results

Very well done boys and girls. Scheissbike can safely be declared a resounding success. Plenty of potential, it would seem, for excuses, but some of us either didn't try very hard to find them, or are just plain stubborn. Pre-race yerba, post-race cinnamon buns and coffee, not to mention Brannigan's own special FG brew. Plenty of good times in between. 4 laps, the first of which was a controlled start to learn the course. Jonny S and Vic. decided mid-race that they were entered in the 3 lap division. Doubt you could get away with that in Icebike. The Secretary had mechanical issues. Everyone else finished the full four laps. Official race-time temp. was -31; -41 with windchill. The dog-sled race was cancelled just as we finished lap 1. But Scheissbike would not be thwarted.

Official results:

1. Mr. Dr. (fixed)
2. Alberto (ss)
3. Dr. Mr. (ss)
4. Jonny G (ss)
5. Ian
6. Jonny S (winner, 3 lap division) (ss)
7. Tenacious V. (ss)
8. The Secretary (frozen freewheel = official race photographer--pictures coming)

pre-race yerba

If you look real close, you might be able to see that 'stache-cross has begun

Next race on the docket is 24 Hours of Ass. Race headquarters have shifted to my house. Start time might shift too, in order to accomodate those who still want to participate in some race called Icebike. Either way, it begins Feb. 17 and ends Feb. 18. More details to come. Stay tuned. You won't want to miss this.

Jonny S has been dropping a few hints about plans for the Altona race on March 4. Sounds like it's going to be well worth the trip--especially when Duke lays a licking on Carolina.

OTT: Bedouin Soundclash, Shelter


Anonymous said...

so...uh...who won????

and who's the french moustache dude in the FGBC jersey??? he kinda looks like somebodies

that dave said...

congratulations to all who rode!!

The Dark Lord said...

the guy in the FGBC jersey is Dr. Mr. And according to him, Mr. Dr. is me. Which means I won.

shOna said...

wow! wow! wow! ...did i say wow! Abby would not even go outside...i had to drag her out...but i guess bikes can not complain...but! hats of to you boys!

gjc said...

You Canadians are insane. any frostbite to report?

I love the fort garry bike club jerseys. very cool.

The Dark Lord said...

no frostbite. Unless I'm still frozen and can't feel it yet.