Saturday, February 03, 2007

Scheissbike imminent

Scheissbike recon is done. We are ready to race. Jonnys G & S, Tenacious V, and Hal joined me for a ride this afternoon to plan the course. Unfortunately, the day ended too early for V. His left crankarm fell off about 1.5 km in, and his day was done. Hal bailed early to go curling. Which is too bad, because he missed a nice mid-afternoon pit-stop at the Royal Albert. Classic.

The course isn't as adventurous as, say, last year. But it will do. About a 4 km loop. Meet up at the covered ice rink or, better yet, in the skate changing area inside. You will see the bikes. Race starts at 12 noon.


team jonny said...

Sorry, turns out I won't be able to make it to this one. Way to much work to do this coming week. Best of luck to everyone in what will surely be a fine event.

El Presidente said...

Sorry Hubie....can't make it either. Got an International Junior Women's World Championship qualifying Bonspiel I gotta watch. Oh yeah, and the Super Bowl...maybe.

Congrats on shooting to Numero Uno on the Paperback Non-Fiction bestseller list!