Wednesday, February 07, 2007

minutes, february 6, 2007

present: juan eppstein, president, Dr. Mr, Mr. Dr, jonnyg, tenacious v, cyclingdave, secretary

The meeting could be summarized by the statement: sweet laughs. Man, the creative energies were flowing. A quick glimpse:
  • Dr. Mr was attempting to bestow doctorates on people in a rather willy-nilly fashion... it takes time Dr, it takes time.
  • many ideas on how the 24hrs will be spent at the 24hr race... most of them did not include riding a bike... the best idea began with a discussion of an FGBC theme song... that very quickly spun out to operetta, opera and rock opera. Questions of plot, tension, love interest were all debated... and then Dr. Mr began a bit of impromtu composing... attempting to render something relating to the tension found at that point in the race, when you realize you are losing it, in his best operatic tenor. Both content and form were a shade off, but the angst was right there. He was in the moment.
  • a non-discussion and documenting of lap one of the 'stache cross.
  • Dr. Mr sharing a dream of a riding jersey, in heavy metal stylings listing all the Nordi-Cross races this season, in wool, with a zipper.
Latest thoughts on the 24hr event:
  • the race is from 12:00 to 12:00 as stated. If you want to go to Icebike, go for it. Icebike will not be listed on the Nordi-Cross wool jersey.
  • teams of two to be chosen from a hat, laps will be added up. So, it's entirely fine for a team to ride together and rest together.
  • hq at Dr. H's. First lap is to be ridden by everyone together so the course is known. Please don't show up at 12:05... First lap starts at high noon from the HQ.
  • bring food, drink, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and most importantly, dogs and sundry for dog fest. A dryer will be available to dry gross stuff. A scotch fest has also been declared.
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