Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cobbles Baby!

Woodcock is doing their annual movie thing on Monday: The Tour Baby! I'm sure it will be interesting enough, but I'd almost rather see the more recent one, Cobbles Baby!, a look at Paris-Roubaix. Check out the trailer which, among other things, contains definitive evidence that our honorary captain is a 'stache cross kind of guy.

Had my leg looked at today. The doc says it's tenosynovitus. Caused by "repetitive physical activity." Yeah, there may have been some of that recently. Maybe cyclingdave was right after all. What was that new motto you came up with for the FGBC, Dave? In any case, anti-inflammatories, ice, and some rest, and hopefully it's all systems go for next Sunday in Altona.

OTT: Matthew Ryan, Trouble Doll


Anonymous said...

hells ya!! The cobbles vid makes me psyched to have a road bike again... at lumber-shlong's movie I will not though

team jonny said...

booooourns paddy!

dr.h: they're actually playing both. double-header baby!

that dave said...

i think that would be: fgbc - all things in immoderation.

Anonymous said...

it will be a work-related absence

Anonymous said...

opps, that was me.