Wednesday, November 19, 2003

a couple thoughts from the headquarters tonight

well, the actual FGBC turnout at the headquarters was a little thin last night. Chris, Juan Eppstein and I were the only attendees that were actually at the inaugural ride. James, Vic P. and Lorne B were there, but Lorne had James so mesmorized by discussions on how poorly the commonly held Westgate pension plan was doing, that he was barely with us til the end, until we got into stories about how fast we had ever driven in a car.

anyway, just to clarify a point from Chris' previous entry, the Feb. 1 Ice Bike race is an event somewhat sponsored by Woodcock Cycle. It's not necessarily a highly competitive event, however. the thinking is, it would be good to see the club out, with jerseys stretched out over bulky outerwear...

hope to see better turnout next week.

here's my haiku:

medium turnout
consider the field lilies
pensions don't love bikes

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