Monday, January 04, 2010

Breathe Out

The string of holiday cx races is done. Eight races in nine days. And we've witnessed a good bit of diversity on the podium during that time, with seven different winners since Boxing Day. Only Jay managed to win twice. Yesterday it was Olli and Paddy's turn. Olli won at Tervuren, ahead of Brad and Dallas. And Paddy won the GP Groenendaal, finishing ahead of eight who tied for second.

In the overall race, Jay continues to whittle away at Gary's once formidable lead. It is down to 770 points now, almost half of what it was before this stretch of racing began. KK has moved back ahead of the Secretary. But both of them have leapt ahead of Craig. And Graham is doing his best to ensure that he never sets foot in the cellar again. He's all the way up to 4th last now.

Full results here.

Up next: Nationale Cyclocross in Otegem on Jan. 11, the day after all the European national championships are held.


PaddyH said...

I knew my team would come thru eventually.
You're in my crosshairs Gary!

Gary S said...

I'm going to crash so hard in the last few weeks. Try to be gentle as you ride over me.