Monday, January 25, 2010

Jay Tops in Hoogerheide

790 points for the BCC vicarious cx stud. Brad took second place with 720 points, the second consecutive race he's topped 700 points. Olli rounded out the podium. He had 715 points. Gary put up a solid fight, finishing with 505 points. Not bad considering the absence of Compton.

In the overall race, Jay has narrowed Gary's lead to just 110 points. And Brad is making a late run for the podium. He's now just 325 points from the final step.

Up next: the World Championships. There are some big points up for grabs (e.g., 500 points for the win). The overall standings could well get shaken up a little bit.

Full results here.


co2cycle said...

also, congrats to Jay on some fine real CX racing with the BCC boys on sunday in North Carolina--especially after a mid-season injury and working crazy hours the past couple of weeks. also, by my calculations, Jay would actually lead if all three Cincy races weren't included (i'm still bitter about that since my team didn't show).

this is getting exciting!

The Dark Lord said...

We are jealous that you guys are still racing real cx. Then again, you guys are missing out on some epic racing in the snow. Last night's Nordic Cross race was harder than any cx race I've ever done. And longer.

If things keep going as they have, then Jay should take over the lead next weekend. Stybar will be super motivated to do well on home turf. Then again, if Compton comes back for Gary, he might be able to hold on. Either way, this is turning out nicely for those of us on the sidelines. And after the World Championships things often open up a bit, as participation tends to be a little more varied. So it's possible for some movement in the standings yet.

co2cycle said...

the snowy pix are cool to see, but it hit the mid-60s here yesterday, so i can't say i envy your weather.

worlds looks pretty interesting, too. the women's podium looks much more open than the men's. compton's a big question-mark, but nash is looking good.

The Dark Lord said...

Mid-60s, I could deal with that. But if you live in Winnipeg you have to embrace the snow.