Friday, January 29, 2010

Vicarious Arrowhead

Our favourite bike messenger is once again off to race the Arrowhead 135. It starts on Monday. He has invited us to follow along and root for him. He says you can track his progress here.

What better way to follow along from a distance than to make it a vicarious race? Or at least that's what Gianni has suggested.

The rules are fairly simple:

1) Pick Lindsay's final placing and finishing time.
2) Pick the winner and his finishing time.

For every placing you are off, you get one point. For example, if you pick Lindsay to win and he finishes 7th, you get six points. And similarly for the discrepancy between finishing times you picked and the actual finishing times. Total it all up and the lowest number wins. There will be a prize for the winner.

Send in your picks to me before the race starts: Monday at 7am.

This year's roster can be found here. Last year's results are here.

Looking at these links reveals a few things: Lindsay is not the oldest participant in the race. There is one dude who, at 65, is a little older. Lindsay finished 4th last year in his first attempt. Over half the field did not finish. Did I mention that after finishing the race he is planning to turn around and ride back? This is all part of the plan to get ready for Iditabike (350 miles) some day. That guys is crazy. Which is to say he's awesome.

He gets back into town just before the 24 Hour Race and Film Festival otherwise known as Sloth Cross. He says he plans to join us at the poosher's palace. Once again, he will no doubt make us all feel pretty lame.

Good luck Lindsay!

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