Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TNR Report

It has only been open for three days, but Joe Black Coffee has earned the official FGBC seal of approval. A perfect pre-ride venue, it will serve as a nice compliment to the Junk-shon. We will stop in from time to time when the rides head west. It was so comfortable, in fact, that we almost skipped the race for some extended lounging. But we stuck to the schedule and raced anyway. It wasn't a long one, but it burned the lungs just the same. If nothing else, it drove home the point that we are a long way from cx season by now. See results below.

We arrived at the klubhaus just as Vic and the Secretary were returning from their hockey game. The red side won. Vic scored four goals. Jonny B and the President were already there warming the seats. The poosher raised a glass in honour of himself and in particular in recognition of the fact that he is back. We were all too happy to join him in celebrating that milestone. In case anyone is counting, that's three TNRs in a row now for the poosher. Jonny B also mentioned that Team Jonny will be resurrected for the 2010 season. Good news all around. The two 24 hour races received plenty of attention. We convinced Tom that the film festival would consist of cycling movies. Extended analysis showed that it is especially appropriate for a race also known as Sloth Cross. The Summer 24 Hour race came up too. Look for the official race website to be launched shortly. And toward the end of the evening the was plenty of talk about the Big Idea. The Cricket has declared himself in. And KK reckoned he's 75% in. Along with Jonny G and me, we now have 3.75 riders signed up.

The tunes were dialed in just right. For the third week in a row, we were treated to some DLR era VH. And this time they didn't change the station halfway through the song. Nor did they change it for the Who. Queen and Journey also received some words of approval. Even Steve Miller couldn't dampen the spirits. I witnessed the Secretary tapping his foot along with the catchy beat.

Finally, on the way home we came upon a raccoon for the second time in the last few months. We stopped to get a closer look and he scurried up a tree. He peered down at us with a look of disapproval. It was kind of creepy. So we carried on.

Snow Crit #3 Results

Jonny G
Wayne - DNS

Overall Standings

Chris 30
Craig 27
Kevin 17
Graham 14
Thomas 12
Luke 11
Jonny G 9
Tomek 8
Bill 7
Brad 6
Patrick 5


mhandsco said...

Bill's looking awfully Low-era Bowie (w/stash of course) in that first shot. Ride on thin stashed duke!

I just got a copy of Klunkerz, I'll humbly offer up for the bike film fest. It's pretty rad.

The Dark Lord said...

Good point. Bill will henceforth be known as the Thin White Duke, which is not to be confused with the Duker. Just as The President is not to be confused with El Presidente. It all gets very confusing.

Klunkers should definitely be part of the Sloth Cross Film Festival. My favourite character is the dude who used to be Gary Fishers partner but quit to haul around amplifiers.

Tom K said...

Good news that my favourite ride-stop coffee shop is back in business! Tomek's back at it eh ... cool! Good luck with the "big idea" road riding trip.

Hey, our TrgCoop msg board has changed to a blogspot blog:

As for me, Haiti relief support is keeping me max performing on the coordination front and hopefully soon some flying down south! Check out some Cdn Air Force Haiti relief pics on my FB here:

Gianni said...

Hey Tom - will you show your fil at the film fest?

I have American Flyers and/or Road to Roubaix to offer.

Gianni said...


Anonymous said...

I thought there was a picture of a white hula hoop caught in a tree. Then I realized that it is not a picture of a white hula hoop caught in the tree. It is a picture of an apartment building with some trees in front of it and there just happens to be a white hula hoop caught in one of the trees.

Tom K said...

Gianni ... I'd provide my little video from the Bike Shorts Film Fest for a short diversion if folks were interested, but I hope to create something much more rad of some Nordic cross racing fun and winter rides with my new HD helmet cam.