Tuesday, January 19, 2010


9:30 at the TNR HQ.

We will head west this week and look for a venue somewhere in Ass. Park.

By this evening we should have a good sense of whether this summer's Big Idea will come to fruition or not. More on that at the F&H.


Anonymous said...

Wayne Bishop says Yo fortgarry crew, just wondering if I could come out for this one. could use some details where and what and how long time wise.

The Dark Lord said...

Right on Wayne. How about meeting us at the Joe Black Coffee shop? It's the one across from the park on Portage. Used to be called Roca Jacks, and before that Sunstone. We'll head there for coffee first, probably arriving shortly before 10pm. We'll do a short race in the park before heading back to the F&H. That wraps up sometime around 1am.

KK said...

Are we sure we don't want to do the TT tonight instead?


The Dark Lord said...

I was thinking about doing the IceTT tonight. But then I saw all that water on the river on my way home from work yesterday. Hopefully that will get taken care of. But the good news is that they are doing something on the Red from the Forks to Churchill Dr. Park. That is going to give us an awesome course for the 24 Hour Race otherwise known as Sloth Cross.