Sunday, January 03, 2010

a gluttonous report

gluttony cross, like many FGBC events, finds itself a wildly diverse experience... from nearly nonchalant to epic. Juan Eppstein pulled off a victory so smooth, one would only know he was sweating if one was sitting beside him, as I was. Despite a bit of a dip in pace a few minutes after being sent back for an inadequate third plate with penalty samosa, he finished said plate with a flourish and proceeded to race his two measly laps and watch the rest suffer.

at the epic'er end of the scale, Cousin Thomas threw down (up) a convincing dnf after making it half way through plate three. I had FGD at the back of my throat for the whole ride... and while this crowd knows I usually love the home brewed taste, this was not one I want to remember. Somehow it makes a shortish race taste very long.

Obviously, the food was stellar, at least for the first plate and a bit. Our regular man at The East India Company invited us to bring all our bikes in. Very high end.

Two special guests, while fairly average in their food consumption, brought the race pace up a notch or two. Olli and John Paul were great additions. The course was good. The bouncy bit on the westbound bridge sidewalk followed by the narrow singlepath nearly put me on team DNF as well.

This may need some correction, but I believe results were something like this:

Juan Eppstein - 3 plates - gold medal
Olli - 2 plates - solid
John Paul - 2 plates - extra accidental lap
the Impaler - 2 plates - extra accidental lap
Jonny B - 2 plates -
Secretary - 2 plates (barely) after pouring the FGD back and forth in the glasses to reduce bubbles
Tenacious V - 2 plates

Heavy T - 2.5 plates - out with a flourish
G - 2 plates - two laps and "I'm late for ultimate"
KK - 1.5 plates - "I ate four pieces of pizza with my kids before coming" - nice race prep
Hal - 1 plate - "I'm going home"

with the Dr.'s late notice of not being able to attend, no proper camera was to be had. a few crackberry/iphone pics were taken. please forward those to me if you can. use

one down, six to go.

the secretary


KK said...

Eating is hard.

Anonymous said...

I emailed Aaron a race report and slipped a Freudian slip: "I hate 2.75 plates."

And, that's a correction as well.

I've never done anything like it. It was a gas.