Friday, January 29, 2010

MBCX 2010

Sept 12 MBCX #1 Belgian Supercross Olympia

Sept 19 MBCX #2 Wildwood Woodcock

Sept 25 MBCX #3 CMU FGBC

Oct 3 MBCX #4 Omand Creek Training Co-Op

Oct 16 MBCX #5 St. Malo, MB Olympia

Oct 17 MBCX #6 Altona, MB FGBC

Oct 24 MBCX #7 Whittier Park FOG

Oct 30 MBCX #8 TBA Red River Racing

Nov 7 MBCX Provincials TBA Woodcock

A couple of things to note. The FGBC is back in black with two races on tap: Menno Cross and Southern Cross, with the ABES. Southern Cross will be part of a big weekend southern MB cx extravaganza, together with St Malo. It will be awesome. The Omand Creek race should be a highlight. That is a perfect venue. And our little sister club will be putting on a race this year. Good times ahead.

There is plenty of other good stuff on the calendar. But it's just a way of killing time before cx season arrives.

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