Wednesday, January 06, 2010

TNR Report

Late start. Something about a hockey game. Fortunately, they didn't drag it out too long into overtime. Bill, Thomas, Craig, Graham, Jonny G and I still had plenty of time to ride to the Forks and check out the little bit of the river trail that is open. And then the monkey trails through Ass. Park before hitting the klubhaus, where Colin and the Poosher were waiting for us in the parking lot. Our female fan from North Carolina was there to welcome us as well. She was as exuberant as ever. KK went looking for us in the Ass. Forest. We were not there. He found us at the footbridge on our way out of the park. Vic and the Secretary showed up after their hockey game, and T-Shirt Chamois Luke wandered in a little later. Juan Eppstein showed up to boast about his consumptive prowess at this past weekend's Gluttony Cross. Cousin Thomas painted a picture of how things looked from the other end of the spectrum. This led to all sorts of conversation about upcoming Nordic Cross races. The Poosher has confirmed that the Pinedale Palace will serve as the HQ for Sloth Cross--aka the annual winter 24 hour race. It seems we still need to do a little work in order to settle on the playlist for the film festival portion of the event. But there is time. The Secretary brought up some glorious memories of the 2007 classic known as Stache Cross. He thinks he has found an appropriate sequel. Some of us were not so sure. More details to follow. Or not. Once again, it was rumoured that the President was going to make an appearance. Once again, he did not.

The price of FGD has gone up a quarter. This makes little difference to us, but is bad news for the servers.

Colin promised that he would pick up the ball he'd dropped regarding the Light Project. More info on that soon, hopefully.

And, yes, there was some controversy surrounding the tunes. It started out nicely with Fleetwood Mac, some old school .38 Special, Molly Hatchet, and another installment of Eddie. But when Won't Get Fooled Again was abruptly cut short just before Roger was about to let loose, the Secretary could barely contain himself. For a moment, it looked like he was going to jump the bar and grab control of the stereo. In the end, he didn't. But between this and Steve Miller, it seems like it's only a matter of time.

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