Friday, January 22, 2010

Sloth Cross Film Fest

Before the sloth, we need to do a little work. Specifically, we need to begin the process of finalizing the playlist. There is more than enough to choose from. The hard part will be whittling it down. There is so much good stuff here. A little bit of everything, in fact: Animation, drama, documentary. BMX, mtb, road. Italian neo-realism, classic 80's sports movie kitcsch, anti-comsumerist bike jousting resistance.

Click on the link to watch the trailer (or something similar). List your top 10 in order of preference in the comments below and we'll see where that gets us. And of course, feel free to suggest other options.

Breaking Away

American Flyers


The Flying Scotsman

The Triplets of Bellville

The Bicycle Thief

Beijing Bicycle

BMX Bandits


Nebraska Supersonic


A Sunday in Hell

Road to Roubaix

Bicycle Dreams

Where Are You Go

Pure Sweet Hell

The Cyclocross Meeting





KK said...

Flying Scotsman?

KK said...

...or Nebraska Supersonic?

The Dark Lord said...

Flying Scotsman for sure. Forgot about that one. I will add it to the list.

Nebraska Supersonic? Never heard of it, but I'll check it out.

PaddyH said...

not that I'll be there but someone must possess a notsominty VHS of "TREAD"..."Transition" would be solid..."Vicious Cycle".........

wv: chint

Gianni said...

Oh yeah, mountain biking.

I have a copy of "the Collective", if you want to add that to the list.

the secretary said...

anti-comsumerist bike jousting resistance please.

Gianni said...

Anonymous said...

I would like to throw out there that I have a copy of "the search for animal chin".
Now when are we getting together to make kick as cheap lights?

Dallas " I don't even own a bike right now as mine are in hock." Sigurdur

Olli said...

I'm trying to better my position before one of the nordic crosses by proposing Cyclomania to be added to the movie list. This is mainly because of one extremely handsome and astonishingly talented supporting actor in that gem of the cycling movies.

I happen to have a copy of that movie.

KK said...

There's a star among us!

Cyclomania gets my vote.

The Dark Lord said...

Clyclomania is in! I trust you will be on hand to sign autographs.

Anonymous said...

I like movies that make me laugh and make me think. And think about how sweet the 80s probably were.

The Dark Lord said...

The 80s were no doubt sweeter for those who didn't experience them directly.