Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thursday Anticipation

1) Nordic Cross

With the first race of the season done, we are off and running. But at the same time, the calendar is all screwed up. Nothing new there. We can deal with that. The original calendar has Wrath Cross listed next. Brad the Impaler is in charge of that one. But it was scheduled for Jan. 3, which was last Sunday. We will need to find a new date. How about next weekend sometime?

2) 24 Seconds of Awesome

Forget 24 Hours. That is so lame. 24 seconds is where it's at. If memory serves, the next roller race is scheduled for Jan. 12. That is next Tuesday. They moved it to Tuesday to accomodate our rather inflexible schedule. And they also agreed to push the start back to 8pm, because later is better for the FGBC. It would be nice if someone could confirm that.


KK said...

For the Nordic Cross calendar, can we just add a date at the end and move everything back a spot on the schedule (except Envy which would fall back 2 spots)? Pride could be on March 28.

The Dark Lord said...

That seems like a reasonable plan. And simple. Which probably means it will never work. But it's worth a try.

Brad the Impaler said...

I can't make that happen this Sunday.

The Dark Lord said...

Reading is hard. Arguably harder than math. But see KK's comment above.

Olli said...

RollRrace will start earlyish with time on the poster saying 7 PM where it should say 7:30. The fierce head-to-head rounds will start only after everyone has had a chance to do their seeding maybe around 8:30.