Monday, May 30, 2011

Giro Pool Wrap-Up

In the end, Chris O won it by exactly 500 points. Congratulations Chris! Miriam and Mark rounded out the final podium.

The final overall results looked like this:

Chris O 5724
Miriam 5224
Mark 4679
Dan 4369
Chris D 4208
Ali 3914
Randy 3849
Kevin 3763
Graham 3730
Rachel 3652
Jonny B 3573
Greg 3482
Terry 3319
Vic 3301
Dallas 3292
Jonah 3258
Brad 3233
Andrea 3151
Steve 3028
Pete 2955
Jonny G 2930
Chris H 2889
Darryl 2796
Bill 2761
David 2733
Jay 2696
Ian 2430
Matt 1941
Paddy 1696
Kim 1492

For all the scoring details, go here.

Thanks for playing, boys and girls. That was fun. Check back in about a month for the 2011 FGBC TdF Pool.


Anonymous said...

Everyone is a winner when a cross guru places at the worlds best grand tour.

Dallas ( top that TDF) Sigurdur

Oh and I wish I could have spin my wheels with you kids:(
I'm sure you had fun though.

co2cycle said...

Now that I've finally won one of these things, I definitely need to buy your socks--the new ones, not anyone's old socks.
Thanks for another great pool.