Wednesday, May 04, 2011

TNR Report

The poosher showed up for our bike ride. That hasn't happened for a while. But he made up for it by making his presence felt in a big way. He showed up with the fancy new set of wheels that rendered the super commuter superfluous.

He showed us his villainous side by riding over the Secretary and leaving him with a booboo on his hairy knee.

And then he played super hero by fixing the Secretary's bike.

When the evening came to a close, he presented his version of the events that led to his not so impressive display of riding that was featured in the Secretary's recent 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge movie. He says the Secretary kept jumping out at him and scaring him off his bike. With this revelation, all of a sudden it became clear why he might think it appropriate to run over the Secretary.

In other matters, Brad the Impaler added to the list of things he thinks are bullshit--or geese, as he sometimes puts it more euphamistically. KOM is geese. Surprisingly, however, soy milk is not. Rather, cows milk is. This got Vic all excited, as he found himself in a rare state of agreement with our resident sage. Monsanto is also geese. Once again, the Tenor and the Impaler found themselves on the same page. Just when we thought we had things all figured out, we get nothing but curveballs thrown at us.

Cousin Adam and the Cricket talked about racing at Whitemouth on Saturday. It sounds like fun. At least the part where they get to hang out in the race van. We also talked about the upcoming FGBC/RRR TTT and how awesome it will be. Especially when we win.

Toward the end of the evening, the conversation turned to a consideration of our favourite post-TNR snacks. Most seem to prefer cereal. Others go with toast. The more sophisticated among us prefer to finish off the night with a glass of scotch.

On the tunes front, it was '80s night at the F&H. Thompson Twins, Eurythmics, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Men at Work. Some of us felt like we were back in high school. Others felt like they were back in diapers.


Brad the Impaler said...

Monsanto and their despicable business practices put them at the top of the list. Even higher than geese. The human rights museum is right up there too. But KOM? I have no recollection of saying that. I think the soapy brew you drink clouded your faculties.

The wv is very appropriate: golik

the secretary said...

Just to confirm. Brad, the Impaler, did state: "KOM is geese".

Also, the booboo is currently upgraded to an ouwwy(sp?). Apparently I not only slid along the curb, but banged into it too. Swelling AND infection. I thought that now embedded grey powder that the street cleaners leave was going to be good for it. Nope.

Anonymous said...

just so we're clear. i "decided" to ride over darryls bike, AFTER he fell to the curb. just so we're clear.t