Friday, May 06, 2011

The Launch

The newly redesigned sweetest jersey kit in the world has landed at FGBC's Dept. of Style. Yes, it looks awesome. Thanks ET! The new logo is so crisp and clear, we've elected to start with a blurry photo so that our eyes can adjust gradually.

To commemorate this special day we are having a special Friday edition of the Tuesday Night Ride. Grab your cheque books and swing on by the F&H at 9pm or so to pick up your order. But even if you didn't order anything, you will want to be there as we hoist a jersey to the rafters of the klubhaus. Hopefully they'll let us hang it right over our table. We've tried peeing on the chairs, but this should work better as an attempt to mark our territory. Humans have such an unrefined sense of smell.

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