Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wildcard Lotto

Dallas's numbers came up lucky yesterday. He's the only one who picked Pieter Weening out of the long list of wildcards. Weening's 150 points combined with points from Nibali and Arroyo gave Dallas 245 points and a stage win. With it, he vaults out of last place and moves up 13 spots in the overall standings. Miriam finished second with 220 points. And Darryl continued his run of good vicarious racing form with a third place finish. He had 195 points.

Steve continues to lead the overall race. Chris D is just 5 points back. And Miriam is only 9 points off the lead. It's all nice and close.

Full results and overall standings here.

Today's stage could very well be another one for the wilcards or stage hunters. With a nice little kick at the end, it looks like one for the classics guys.

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