Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday Anticipation

First of all, let us begin with an apology. The President made us promise that we would make every effort to keep our Thursday business on Thursdays. "The people," they are big fans of routine. And the President, well, he is a big fan of "the people." The rest of us are big fans of the President. So you can see logic at work. After the President sat us down and explained everything, it didn't take long until we came around to seeing things his way. The President has some mighty powers of persuasion. When he said, for example, "the beer is going to Ingolf," the raging debate about Spring Ride location stopped faster than the Impaler did when he ran into the barriers at Menno Cross that one time. We have come to see that sticking with the regular schedule really is the least we could do. But this time around, it was not our fault. We were all ready to go with our weekly run-down of all the awesomeness that lies ahead before the big Blogger meltdown. Really, we were. But the meltdown caught us unawares. It is almost Saturday and we are just now pulling ourselves back together.

That is good news, because you can hardly race if you have somehow become pulled apart. And we have racing to look forward to. Specifically, we find ourselves thinking this week about two events that are very high on our list of things to look forward to this summer.

The first of these involves the much ballyhooed return of the TTT to our fine province. We have talked a bit about this one already. But now we have a poster. A race doesn't qualify as a race unless there's a poster. We have a poster. Ergo, we have a race. Logic, it's working for us again. Or is it? Sometimes it can be tricky. But at any rate this race will be awesome. You have our word on that. Or at least, we will have a good time with it. More details coming soon. Start assembling your four person teams now.

Another race came out with a poster today too. It's the one with the Butter Belt. Really, is there anything more that needs to be said? No, there isn't. The good guys at Tinker Creek don't get that though. They have more to say on their website.

But life is about more than just racing. Indeed, there are some among us who view racing as a convenient way of coping with the long interval that spans the time between Spring Rides. Happily, we are less than two weeks away from the sweetest meal of the year.

We are also playing around with some big ideas about what to do with the May long weekend. Maybe something longish and gravelly. Stay tuned for more on that.


halloewen said...

feeling a little hurt over here at the OCC - had a great event last weekend and before the back 40 there's Where's the Beach? Don't forget about us.

The Dark Lord said...

No need to feel hurt. We will throw up a Where's the Beach poster when you send it to us.