Wednesday, March 04, 2015

24 hours of Brad Pitt - Studio Cross 2015

Good times were had at this years Nordic CX 24-hour race! It does seem that each year the total cumulative riding distance diminishes slightly, but that fact doesn't seem to hurt the competition!

 Oh the race... The Drama... or should we say "Dramas". 

Good to see over 18 participants this year!

 Here are this years results:
1st - DFL - 11 Laps
2nd - The Energizer, Johnny S, The Hipster, G - 10 Laps
6th - The Impaler - 9 Laps
7th - Benjamin Button the Messenger guy, DanE, Greyhammy, Jeremy - 6 Laps

 No Mans Land.... He was there but unable to lift a sharpie to fill in his laps...
Mike G

 ***DNF*** (Missed B.L.Lap)
CHB - 6 Laps
Vic - 5 Laps
The Big Frame - 4 Laps
Andrea - 3 Laps
Juan Epstein - 2 Laps
Tegan - 1 Lap 

***DNF*** (didn't bring a bike - slacker penalty)
Cousin Thomas - 5 Laps



Unknown said...

I realized after the fact that I too am likely a DNF. I didn't bring any chips. For shame.

Brad the Impaler said...

Didn't the DFL drink everyone else's beer? I'd say that's a DQ.

Anonymous said...

I definitely brought my bike. For my first visit to the party. Then I had to take my car back after my frisbee game so I could bring supplies for the WRs.... but who's counting?

the secretary said...

I would like to think that I took 8th then... unless bringing a bike was a pre-requisite... hasn't been before.
Made it through the BL lap and Fight Club, so 2 quality laps for me.
Plus, I sat through the last 3rd of Fury which was painful, so 2.5 laps for me.

KK said...

Given I sat through the 3'45" of Benjamin Button hell, I should at least find myself in the rankings next to Mike.

The Big Frame said...

I'm came all the way from Altona and I'm bigger than Tyler Myers so....screw it, I still DNF because I forgot to mark my BL lap down.

Unknown said...

Look at all this action on the blog. Our next kit order should have #bikeclub2003 on it somewhere.

JP said...

Wow... I am realizing that we will need to hire an independent firm to sort this shit out... ha ha! Maybe we use a "chip" timing system for next year? Ha ha... chips.

Unknown said...

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