Thursday, August 28, 2003

medora event, 2

yes, the medora event is now merely hours away. i have secured a digital camera and will be taking lots of good pictures. there will be no collarbones broken without visual evidence. no shoddy documentary work this time around. but no portable tape recorder, so a haiku might be difficult.

here are the latest plans in as much detail as i can recall: depart wpg 0700 on 29 aug 2003. meet jonny and cheryl at emerson duty free at 0815. coffee and donuts at krispy kreme in fargo at 1030. arrive medora campground at 1600. 1700 - info session at dakota cyclery. party late into the night. saturday ride south part of the maah daah hey trail. sunday ride the northern part of the trail. monday morning get any lingering riding needs out of the system. depart for wpg, with yet another break at krispy kreme in fargo to top it all off.

for those of you who still need to be convinced that north dakota is a worthy bike club destination (or to see what you will be missing), check out these links: Maah-Daah-Hey Trail and Maah-Daah-Hey.

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