Tuesday, September 09, 2003

medora update

a short update on the medora event to keep the secretary off my back--though i'm beginning to suspect nobody besides the sec. actually reads this drivel.

medora has come and gone--unlike the foul smell of shit that hovered over our campsite all weekend long. aside from the smell of shit, the fire ban, the lack of grocery store, lousy maps, and the unpredictable hours at the bike shop, i think it is still safe to declare it a successful weekend. there is growing sentiment that we should approach krispy kreme as a secondary sponsor. i don't know about the rest of you, but my jersey still have room on the left shoulder for a supplementary logo.

the riding was delightful. not nearly as technically demanding as ingolf. mostly singletrack, with some moderate climbing and several fast, windy descents. a very fast trail. no serious crashes to report, though unger and rachel did end up going over the handlebars. we probably did less than 10% of the trail, so there is lots more to be done. some preliminary discussion took place concerning the feasibility of a 4-5 day ride of the entire trail as a possible 2004 bike club event.

given the participation of rachel, anita, charlene, and cheryl at this event, there was some serious debate about whether the weaker sex were actually permitted full membership in bike club. no conclusions were reached, though cheryl has been elected bike club wench. she will prepare food and keep the campsite in good order at all future events.

finally, as with all officially sanctioned bike club events, there was a trip to the emergency room. official diagnosis: acute abdominal pain due to partial blockage in the right colon. though the diagnosis has been the subject of some dispute, the good news is that the tech dir. was back on his bike by morning.

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