Monday, December 01, 2003

fgbcbc #2

It's now a few days later and the dust has all but settled. Time for an update on the second installment of the fgbcbc. Despite some good early indications that had us looking at a possible record number of participants, we ended up with five eager racers yet again. The Wolesely contingent put in a good showing, warming up by biking to the race site at Whittier park and previewing the course while waiting for the secretary to finish his pep talk with the faith and life women's choir. Two rookies made their debut Jimmy and the Secretary. The race: 3 laps aroung Whittier park (river trails and back on the gravel path, including a mandatory trip through Whittier's version of devil's ditch). This time the pack stayed together for the first half lap. Jonny G took his customary early lead, but a bad choice of trails let Chris and Jimmy get ahead. Taking advantage of Chris's untimely confrontation with a tree, the secretary moved into second behind Jimmy. Coming into the first straight, the two rookies are sitting 1-2, with Chris on their tail and Jonny G and Unger not much farther back. As the course became flatter and straighter, Chris attacked and Jimmy couldn't hold his wheel. Jonny G soon caught the two rookies and assumed second spot. Chris's long solo break held for the remaining 2.5 laps, but not without a few more close encounters with trees and nearly sliding down the river bank. Jonny G held onto second place, despite falling on the last straight and giving Jimmy some last-minute hopes for second. This left Unger and the secretary in a monumental battle for 4th place, with the secretary narrowly taking it at the line.

Post-race festivities ensued at 206 Home St., with Juan Eppstein joining the fun after putting in some weekend hours at the office. Our worst fears have been confirmed: Bubbas are no longer being produced. 12 Canadians had to suffice, courtesy of the secretary. Post-race conversational highlights included James's idea that the next race should be a team effort--pairing up and racing as a relay. In addition to possibly keeping competition closer, this would have the added benefit of allowing the traditional post-race festivities to take place during the race itself. It was noted that participation from Altona has been a little on the lax side lately, and that the Duke has not yet been to one fgbc event involving bikes.

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