Tuesday, March 16, 2004

fgbikeclub.com or fortgarrybc.com?

Amongst other things, we debated what a new domain could look like, and be named like. The president advocated the latter because it leaves openness to other clubs with the fort garry prefix. Please register your opinions in the comments. It would cost the club about $30/year to go to a site with our own domain name.

Conversation rambled. There was no major agenda, what with the date discussion out of the way. Some of the topics were:
  • merchandise. Marles is now heavily pushing the idea of FGBC stickers. Hopefully he will anti up with a little research on this.
  • bike sale. Unger has an opportunity to purchase a bike for $1600 off. well, that leaves a price of $2400. actually, the deal is available to any FGBC member. Since it seems Unger will not be taking advantage of this obvious deal, you can contact him to get more details.
  • member Jerry. had a little phone call with Jerry this eve, before the meeting. apparently he's in the club. It seemed like a good thing. He's already been riding. The issue was brought up as to whether there was space for two non-resident Loeppky's in the group. No decision was made.
  • other regular items were brought up like Marles' single speed brake issue, location of our spring ride, etc.
  • oh, Luke made it out. nice to see. so the discussion of fixing his bike came up again. Just as a reminder to you, the reader, it was put somewhat out of commission at last spring's ride... yes, that means he hasn't really ridden it since then, although that isn't ususally mentioned in such a forward way when the topic comes up.
Since this secretary will not be at next week's meeting, the decision was that Marles will take minutes. I think this happened because he left before the rest of us.

Present: Marles, President, Secretary, James, Unger, Jonny, Chris, Luke

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